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Designers + Makers

We are incredibly proud to be working with so many talented designers, artists, makers, and creatives in Corpus Christi, and are pleased to be able to showcase their work on our website and in-store. If you like a design or product style here, we welcome you to contact them directly for project inquiries. 

Our belief is simple. One success leads to another and the more connected we are as a community, the easier it is to make that happen. 


Miranda Fawn | Miranda Fawn Design
Miranda is a freelance graphic designer in Corpus Christi, Texas. She's a passionate, imaginative and driven graphic designer who enjoys creating unique brand experiences and creative design solutions. Miranda is always looking to expand her design skills and continue to use her design knowledge to build strong and competitive brand identities.


Ilavarasi Shenbagamoorthy | ila.deigns
Ila, is a freelance Graphic Designer behind ila.designs. She specializes in designing logos, branding, package and invitation design. She is passionate about building strong and functional brands.

WE KNOW FUTURE DESIGN is a digital forward Texas based firm, specializing in brand development, lifestyle, apparel & art direction.


Gilbert Cantu | Can2 Creative Co.
Gilbert Cantu, owner of Can2 Creative Co. is an artist, creative director, graphic designer, typographer, photographer, digital illustrator as well as a bonsai master-in-training. Can2 Creative Co. is a small design powerhouse that is not only passionate about aesthetics but understanding their client's challenges and executing effective design solutions like there's no tomorrow. They are branding specialists.


Garrett & Adriana Huls | Huls Design
Founded in Corpus Christi, Huls Design is a Texas based graphic design studio with a diverse portfolio of creative projects. Adriana and Garrett provide local businesses with recognizable, consistent graphic design and look forward to providing creative services to motivated clients while building lasting relationships.


Danielle Galindo 
Danielle is a passionate designer who will be graduating from TAMU-CC in the Spring of 2021. She has won multiple awards for her design and photography work and has taken on leadership roles in the program, as well as in her freelance work within the community. Danielle is currently a design intern at Made in Corpus Christi and works as a design coach at the University as well.


Neiman Ward | Neiman Ward Creative
Neiman is a vibrant, creative designer who is studying Graphic Design at TAMU-CC. His skill and focus in his field have produced awards and recognition throughout the years. 


Nikki Riojas | Made in Corpus Christi, LLC
Nikki has been involved in the design industry for over 20 years with experience in design, marketing, creative direction, entrepreneurship, and teaching. She is the owner of Made in Corpus Christi, LLC; an adjunct graphic design instructor at Texas A&M–Corpus Christi; and founder of the Women's Entrepreneur Society of Corpus Christi. Though a Nebraska native, she is a Texan at heart and sees the true beauty in the power of connection to make things happen. 




Randi Hamlyn | Indigo Laine
Randi has lived in south Texas for 15 years with her husband and 2 kids. As the designer + maker behind Indigo Laine & Co, her days are filled with inspiration, leather and vintage materials. Indigo Laine & Co is a line of leather goods that is not only functional but also timeless. 



Samantha Thurman | Lavender & Lee
Lavender & Lee makes simple statement pieces that don’t outshine the wearer: dainty & simple is best! Hand-crafted jewelry that is modern minimalist and bohemian, using all natural stones–turquoise, rough diamonds and amethyst–and organic materials found in nature. Sam creates custom jewelry that she hopes will resonate with you!


Ashley Seahorn | Bangle & Babe

Ashley Seahorn was born and raised in South Texas. After graduating from Texas A&M University she had various jobs in the agricultural industry in New Orleans and North Texas. She and her husband returned to South Texas in 2011 and she taught middle school science for several years. After the birth of her daughter and juggling a baby and all they require–while trying to find her keys in one too many parking lots–she developed her bracelet key ring and launched Bangle & Babe.


Elena Flores | Sew Bonita
Elena Flores is the founder and owner of Sew Bonita. She began her sewing venture in November of 2014 as a hobby after attending several classes, but for the most part is self-taught. She also likes to craft, and create things that are bright, bold, beautiful and full of shine. Elena is obsessed with every part of her Mexican culture–the food, décor, color, music, traditions and so much more. If she could, she would throw cascaron confetti everywhere she goes! Everything she sews is hecho con amor.


Heidi Thorp | North Eighty Designs
Heidi is a graphic designer (illustration, surface design, and watercolor artist), mom and military wife. Moving every couple of years from state to state, sometimes even countries, is part of what motivated hr to open North Eighty. Starting over (with everything) at each new duty station started getting a bit old, so she created a business to move with her. One less thing to worry about. :)

She got her start in the vinyl world when she worked for a sign company in 2001 on the production side of sign making. Designing was what she loved most, so she finished her degree in graphic design in 2008. She has been in and around the sign industry in some form ever since. So many years later she still loves creating graphics, art, and most recently producing vinyls with her original artwork in-house for other creatives and businesses.


Tisha Gavlik | Nauti T's Creations
Tisha is the master jelly creator behind Nauti T's. She uses fresh products from local farmers–and for those she can't get locally, she sources from the best places around the country! Tisha focuses on incredible flavor and her creations can be used for everything from toast and crackers to specialty drinks, meat, and desserts!


Aaron Neubauer & Sean Tremlett  |  T's Sauce
The T's Sauce story begins at a Halloween party at the home of company founder Sean Tremlett in October of 2012. Sean served pork butt that evening and created two sauces to pair with it. One was a honey BBQ sauce and the other was a 15-habanero mango sauce. The party guests all agreed that the sauces were terrific and over the next year and a half, more sauces were added to the lineup and were "taste tested" at several gatherings during that time. Several of Sean's friends, including future business partner Aaron Neubauer, suggested that Sean try to market his sauce. The idea took root for a few months, but in October of 2014, Sean decided to take the plunge. He sold the first orders to friends and family and everyone who tried it loved it!

The sauce was different. It was not designed to mask the flavor, but to enhance it.  In February of 2015, Sean and Aaron started holding tasting events around the South Texas area. These events were also very successful and helped get the word out about this great sauce!  T's Sauce has made a commitment to expand state-wide, and in the next few years, to expand to a nationwide business.



Courtney Ray Goodson  |  Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle

In November 2017, Courtney launched Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle, using a recipe from her great-uncle. “I honestly didn’t grow up cooking a whole lot but had this great recipe and feel like it’s more fun for me when you share it with people,” Goodson says. “It connects people and creates community.”

The feelings of connection emerged for Goodson when she served in the Peace Corps in Fiji. Sharing batches of brittle mailed from her uncle, Goodson befriended a woman who wished to own her own business. To help realize those wishes, Goodson started a fundraising campaign, selling the first bags of what would become Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle. Uncle Ray's has been featured on the Hallmark Channel, and is currently available in HEB and Central Market



Chase Fordtran |  222 Candle Co. 
Fragrance is a very power thing. Chase has taken his love of history, culture, and mythology and transformed it into intoxicating and balanced fragrances that will take you on a journey. At 222 Candle Company, they believe certain scents can metaphorically transport a person to another time or place.  

What is special about 222’s candles? They are:

  • hand-poured in small batches;
  • made with clean burning, eco-friendly, 100% natural soy wax;
  • made with phthalate-free premium fragrance oils and essential oils;
  • made with double cotton wicks;
  • handmade in Texas, USA.

Nancy Miller | Nancy Miller Creative
Nancy is the Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the Graphic Design Program at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. Her duality as an interactive and graphic artist allows her immense versatility in implementing effective advertising campaigns or branding executions. Leveraging over 15 years of real-world experience, initially as a Graphic Designer for top-ranking corporations such as Nike Inc., Burton and Hollywood Video Corporation, and later as a Creative Director at a Corpus Christi advertising agency, she can conceptualize strong ideas, write copy, develop content and influence a brand from all mediums. She offers solutions, not just services.


Lillian Reitz | Lillian Jean Photography

Lillian grew up in an area of Corpus Christi called Flour Bluff or just "The Bluff" to locals. As a kid, she spent as much time as possible swimming and windsurfing in the Laguna Madre. Lillian's love for photography started at an early age and was inspired by her Grandfather, William "Bill" Taylor, who took pride in documenting everyday life with his film and Polaroid cameras. After years of thinking that photography would only ever be a hobby, Lillian started her photography business, Lillian Jean Photography, as a side hustle in January 2018 and went full-time in February 2019.

Inspired by nature and personal stories, Lillian aims to capture more than just the traditional photo. She specializes in natural light photography with an emphasis on emotion, personal connections, and the little moments between poses.



Andrew Riojas | Milestones
Andrew founded Milestones, a Corpus Christi awards and recognition shop with a niche in high style unique signage, engraving, and custom gifts, in 2017. A Navy veteran, Andrew prides himself on producing the highest quality, original designs for customers across Texas. He and his wife Nikki have a vested interest in the success of small businesses in the community and love producing one-of-a-kind products that showcase his clients businesses in the best possible ways.


Gerald Flores | Taco Gear
Born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. Gerald is a Creative Taco-Lovin’ fool who turned a love for tacos, his culture and design into Taco Gear, a popular indie brand dedicated to tacos. Gerald’s passion has allowed him to grow his brand, create new opportunities and begin a journey into film. He’s had the opportunity to work on all kinds of film projects including many taco related documentaries.